October 5, 2023: John and Mardy: A Special Friendship

(MDT, UTC-06) (MDT, UTC-06)

Mountain Chalet Aspen - 5th Floor Conference Room , 333 East Durant Ave., Aspen, CO

John and Mardy – A Special Friendship

October 2023 will be 20 years since Mardy Murie passed away, at age 101 and still living in her cabin in the Tetons. Mardy was a magnificent champion for the natural world and was bestowed basically every environmental award that could be given. John Denver greatly admired Mardy, was able to spend time with her and wrote a song about her and beloved husband Olas, an equally renown environmentalist. One of John’s last concerts in 1997 was for the Mardy Murie Film Benefit, in Jackson, Wyoming.

In 2001, I had the great honor of meeting Mardy Murie when she was 99 years old and talked with her about her friendship with John Denver. I was given a special tour of her home and also talked with others who were part of Mardy and John’s friendship. A few years later I was part of the Windstar volunteers who helped renovate the cabin John stayed in when visiting Mardy, and also wrote a book about Mardy. This October, in honor of Mardy’s 20 year passing, I will share memories, special photos and stories about her wonderful life and friendship with John Denver.

“John and Mardy” will be October 5th at 10:00 a.m. in the Mountain Chalet Aspen in the 5th Floor Conference Room. Come join the special presentation about Mardy Murie and her friendship with John Denver. – JP McDaniel