John Denver Celebration for 2022

Hi Everyone,

We have had inquiries regarding about the John Denver Celebration week for 2022.  The plans for this year are the dates to be October 5-12, 2022 to honor John Denver's music and legacy in Aspen, Colorado.   

Currently, things are in the planning stages by various artists and event coordinators for 2022.   There are many folks that work on various areas for that week,  and they are currently in the process of doing so.  Also, for the artists inquiring, each performer and/or artist is in charge of their own venue, concert and fees associated .  There is not one person who is booking performers at venues or for events.  It is done by the individual artist or their representative.   There is also,  a sing-a-long where anyone can join in, which is usually in the evening.   Again, we will know more as things are confirmed.  

We will have more updates as things are confirmed for this year.   So, please watch the website for updates.  

We will hope to see you this year!