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More news and updates for John Denver Celebration week 2021 

Hi everyone,

We have heard from the Mountain Chalet Aspen that a couple of rooms have become available, so if you need lodging be sure to check with them about availability.  

The updated Pitkin County COVID mandate does state that masks will need to be indoors, except when eating and drinking.  We will keep watch and give any updates if things change. 

We have had some changes to events, including some new ones to come!  Please be sure to check out the schedule.  

Contrary to what some feedback folks were getting from social media, the week is on and a go!  There are concerts and events happening and time to relax, visit favorite locations and be in the mountains!  We will have a great time together. 

John Denver Celebration 2021 Update and Changes 

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, Pitkin County, in which Aspen, Colorado is located, came out with some new COVID mandates for the region and went into effect on September 16, 2021.  There is spacing and mask guidelines that will need to be followed in that area.  

Masks must be worn indoors when around non-household members, except when eating or drinking.  Performers must be 12 feet away from non-household members and 25 feet from audience.  They are allowed to perform without a mask, but must follow the distance measures in place. 

Due to some of the new mandates, you will see there are changes to the event schedule as some things had to be cancelled.   In the cases of performing in a restaurant or the 5th floor conference room at the Mountain Chalet, this is not able to be done, and some of the performers and event coordinators have pulled their respective shows. 

Currently cancelled:

Mark Cormican concert and Singer-songwriter event

The Pine Creek Cookhouse Event

However, there is still a full concert at the historic Wheeler Opera House on Saturday, October 9, 2021 with Chris Collins and Boulder Canyon's Tribute to John Denver, and the showing of the film, Alaska: American Child on the big screen at the Wheeler Opera House on October 8th.  Ron Matthews will be joined by fellow musicians and members of Aspen Meadow for a concert on 10/7.  There are also still two events with presentations, the meeting at the John Denver Sanctuary for the Greeting and at the park for the Good-bye again.  There are also some other options that may be coming up, as well, for folks to enjoy!    There are still events to attend, and  there is the beautiful outdoors and nature to explore!  The reason John Denver called the Aspen area home!  From the beautiful John Denver Sanctuary to  along the river where the Rocky Mountain High cover photo was taken, take time to explore all the scenic beauty in the area too!  

So we may be pared back due to a couple of cancellations,  but we can still enjoy the week, being together, and the area that John called home!   


John Denver Celebration starts October 6, 2021! 

Hi everyone!

We are only about a month away to the beginning of the 2021 John Denver Celebration week!

This year there some very special concerts and events happening, so be sure to check out the schedule!

Do you remember watching John Denver's special in Alaska?  Brings back some great memories of watching John's television specials!  I remember looking so forward to each and everyone one of them!  Well, this year, there is a special movie night that will feature Alaska:  The American Child on the big movie screen at the Wheeler Opera House on October 8, 2021.    John Wilcox, who was the producer and director on the special is specially remastering the documentary to show on the big screen and will share some stories with us behind the scenes!  The showing is free at the Wheeler Opera House, but you need a ticket to enter.  To get your ticket, go to and you can order then on-line. 

A highlight for the past 24 years, has been the various concerts at the Wheeler Opera House.  From John's former band members who started the tradition and were instrumental in the start of the celebration week, the shows have featured various band members and favorite artists and performers who perform John's music.  

This year the Saturday night tradition continues on October 9, 2021 with Chris Collins and Boulder Canyon returning to pay tribute to John's music.  Chris and the members of Boulder Canyon tour extensively performing in various theaters and venues all over the USA and Canada to much acclaim wherever they go.  Their goal is not only pay tribute to John's music, but to his life and all he gave us, and help keep his music alive.  Be sure to check out the show in the historic and beautifully restored Wheeler Opera House! Tickets can be purchased at or by calling the box office at 970-920-5770 or 866-449-0464.  Get your tickets soon, as the best seats are going fast!

Do you want to do something really different for the week with great food and entertainment?   The Pine Creek Cookhouse Event is in its 13th year in 2021!  In past years, this has been a sell-out event during the week.  The Pine Creek Cookhouse in very well acclaimed in the region as one of Aspen's best dining experiences... not only for ambiance there, but also for the views!  Combine that with John Denver tunes, and you have a really special day together!  Tickets:  $95 per the meal, gratuities and entertainment.  Contact Suzanne at  Get your tickets soon, as space is very limited this year!

From Wednesday to Monday, be sure to check out all the other concert and events for the week . From various concerts by artists in honor John Denver and other very special events, it will be a special time together!!!!  

We are getting excited to see all of you soon!!! 


Events being Added/Tickets 

Hi Everyone,

We are getting closer to October 2021 and John Denver Celebration week!   More events have been added, so please be sure to check out the Event and Concert Schedule for the updates.

Coming up this week, the tickets for the John Denver Tribute Concert with Chris Collins and Boulder Canyon at the historic Wheeler Opera House in Aspen go on sale!!! Tickets go on sale August 11, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. mountain time!  This will be a special evening at the beautiful Wheeler Opera House with acclaimed artists Chris Collins and Boulder Canyon performing many your John Denver favorites complete with their visual backgrounds!  The show is on October 9, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $45-$65 and can be purchased on line at or by calling the box office at 970-920-5770 or 866-449-0464.   

Also, on October 8, 2021 at 7:30 p.m, Chris Collins is hosting  a special presentation of the documentary Alaska: The American Child featuring John Denver.   This will be a remastered film with a special presentation by John Wilcox, who was the producer and director on the documentary.   This will be a special treat to see the film on the big screen at The Wheeler Opera House!  

Be sure to also check out all the concerts and events coming up!!!

See you there!


John Denver Celebration Week Update for 2021 


Hi Everyone!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone this year in beautiful Aspen, Colorado and to celebrate John Denver's music and legacy!

Events are starting to roll in for 2021 with some more announcements to come soon!  Please see the Concerts and Events Listing on the website for dates, times and ticket prices.   We will be updating the listing as more concerts and events are confirmed. 


John Denver Celebration for 2021 

Hi Everyone,

Currently, there are plans for the annual John Denver Celebration in Aspen to be held October 6-12, 2021 in Aspen, Colorado this year.  As Aspen and many of the venues are just starting to re-open in various capacities due to the pandemic, we are awaiting to hear back on from the various places we hold concerts and some of the events.   Things are still in the planning works for the week.   We will continue to keep you updated on this site as we get confirmed concerts and events in from the coordinators.   

Postponed for 2020 

We are sad to announce that most of the concerts and events scheduled for the John Denver Celebration week are going to be cancelled or postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19 precautions and restrictions in the area on crowd sizes.   But, the good thing is that things are already in the works to continue to honor John Denver's life, music and legacy in 2021, and we are hoping and looking forward to being together with all of you again!

Lodging is still at 50% occupancy in Aspen, as well as the restaurants, and crowd sizes are limited.  The Wheeler Opera House will undergo some needed outside restoration since they cannot be open this year.  

There are folks still planning on being in Aspen around October 12th this year with or without any official events, and the area is always a beautiful place to visit!!!   

Keep tuned for some upcoming announcements about next year, and let's look forward to all being together again soon!!!  In the meantime, please be safe, well, and stay strong!

Current Update June 6, 2020 

Through this area of the website, we will try to keep you updated on this year's John Denver Celebration week and the status.  Currently, as we are all experiencing due to COVID-19,  Aspen and Colorado are also now in various phases of re-opening.  Much is dependent upon how things go, determinations by both the State of Colorado Department of Health, Pitkin County Department of Health and Committees on re-opening, and the City of Aspen in the days and weeks ahead.   

We will be sharing information we receive from various reliable sources from Aspen and Colorado on the re-opening and what will be the restrictions of that area.   As we receive updates from those in charge of their various concerts and events, we will also keep you informed on the status of the week. 

Currently, Aspen is in their phase 2 Re-Opening Timeline. Many of the hotels and lodging are being allowed to open at 50% occupancy, restaurants are starting to be allowed to be open, and that will be increasing in the days ahead with certain guidelines and restrictions.   Things are changing on a daily and weekly basis. Good resources for updates include the following:

Aspen Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Website (an excellent resource for everything about Aspen, Colorado with updates)

Pitkin County's website  (The county in which Aspen in located) (This gives updated information on the re-opening with a maps and timelines)

Currently, the week is still being planned for 2020,  and many of the events and concerts will depend on the days to come and the decisions made by various Health Departments and the City of Aspen.   There are folks in contact with the venues and lodging to keep updated.  

The most important thing is everyone to be safe and stay well, so that we will have more years ahead to gather and honor John Denver's legacy and music!

We will continue to keep you updated!