Aspen Meadow Band in Concert

Limelight Lodge, 355 S. Monarch St., Aspen, CO. 81611

As many of you know, several of John Denver's most intimate Aspen friends gathered upon hearing of his fatal crash. Out of that evening in Starwood, the Tribute was born. Now that torch has been passed on yet their kindred spirit with John remains. It is because of that kindred spirit, that several of those dear to John have become active supporters and participants of Bridging Bionics in Aspen. Their passion for this profound foundation bringing mobility to those struck with spinal cord injuries, has helped propel Amanda and her clients onto the national scene with her becoming one of the CNN Heroes this year!!!

I have no doubt that if John were here in body he would be a major supporter of this glorious work. How do I know? Because one of John's closest friends who headed the Tribute was the one who chose to introduce me to Amanda that we might make our music inspire the hearts of those who attend and even more, inspire the hearts of the families of spinal cord injury, to not give up and accept "popular medical thought," that there is no future for those injured except paralysis. With faith to believe an answer is out there, hope to press on that it will happen in our lifetime, and the love to cheer each other on to never give up, and that they must keep "Dreaming One Step at a Time," we all long for the day when until we shall not just walk, but dance like children or new born calves with the simple joy that the miracle of science or Providence has come to pass!

This spirit of faith, hope, and love, is what every client experiences every time they arrive for treatments free of charge and without limit, that are in fact bringing recovery one step at a time.

A miracle that can only be comprehended if you have been blessed to attend a physical therapy session!

So in honor of my friend John's profound heart for those in need, I am asking you to fill the Limelight with all the friends you can muster, and great blessing and spirit, as we celebrate Bridging Bionics Foundation. The music will be music from many genres and artists that John either loved or would love if he were here, presented in a thematic style as you grow to understand and feel the integrity, purity, and innocence of this foundation.

From another perspective, perhaps he will be there!!!

Aspen Meadow Band

As always all concerts are free of charge. Any funds you are moved to give you will give directly to the volunteers of Bridging Bionics.

Details October 12 4:00 pm sharp at Limelight 6:00 conclusion, so you can get to dinner before the Wheeler show if you want.

Please come and bring all those who you know will want to share in John's spirit... A real tribute to John!