Crystal Mill Jeep Tour

(MDT, UTC-06) (MDT, UTC-06)

Crystal River Jeep Tours , 407 West Main Street, Marble, CO 81623

This is a jeep tour to the town of Crystal and also to the Crystal Mill. The ride will be rough but not difficult to walk around once you get to the location. You will need to dress warmly, bring layers. Bring water, sunscreen, and lunch or a snack. There are no toilets along the way. So if you are uncomfortable copping a squat in the woods, you may not want to do this tour. There are outhouses at the town of Crystal and at the mill if you can stand to use those. The tour group will provide TP. Cost is $800 per jeep. Each jeep can hold five people. So that comes out to $160 per person to be paid at the time of check-in. No money is needed right now. The tour can handle up to 20 people. We will be doing the five hour tour. This will be a first to contact me, first served. Anybody beyond 20 people will be put on a waitlist. So please confirm with me through messenger with the names of people if you will definitely be going so I can start a list and can keep track of who is coming. So as not to cost more than $160 per person, I need at least five people or 10 people or 15 people or 20 people. Anything less than a number divisible by five means it will cost more money for people to go. If that does not make sense please contact me and I’ll try to explain it better. We will need to leave Aspen at 8am and meet at Crystal River Jeep Tours headquarters. We can car pool as much as possible. Contact is at Aspen in October Facebook Page via their messenger.